3-DEE interactive tours

Explore your space in
an interactive way while
boosting your engagement

One virtual tour, four purposes


  • Are you having trouble finding quality applicants?

  • Do you have slow, unstructured or complex onboarding?

  • Is there high staff turnover?

  • Do you work in a large building where it is difficult to find your way around?

  • Are there many (complicated) procedures?


  • Do internal staff and external visitors know what procedures to follow in case of fire, electrical blackout, CO2 outbreak…?

  • Are the predetermined evacuations correct in practice?

  • Can you also demonstrate the condition of the site before the damage?

Product placement

  • Are you having difficulties retaining current partners and attracting new ones?

  • Are you looking for new sources of revenue?

  • Do you already have a method to highlight your partners while boosting your own online visibility?

  • Are you looking for a new and innovative way to advertise?

Customer experience

  • Do you have long and inefficient sales procedures due to many decision makers who need to be physically present?

  • Do you lose a lot of time due to traffic jams?

  • Do you have difficulties meeting customer expectations?

  • Do you get little word of mouth, reviews and loyal customers?

  • Do you have limited cross-selling?

Have you seen our latest realisation?

Our happy customers

Always being accessible through digital means is something we strongly believe in at Meerschman. We thought a virtual showroom where our customers can walk around 7/7 and 24/7 was a great idea. The first contact we had with 3-DEE was with Sophia. Because of her professional and correct approach and agreements, Sophia knew how to convince us immediately.

Tom, Marketing Manager

MINI Meerschman

We have a unique memory from our pop-up store: an amazing 3D scan of 3-DEE that is so detailed as if you were standing in the store. We used this for marketing purposes, and it was top-notch! No doubt we will be working with 3-DEE again because, in addition to the perfect result, the service is also exceptionally top notch!

Tibbe, Co-founder


3-DEE brought our hotel to our visitors before they even arrived. Our guests already experienced the ‘welcome feeling’ before booking and have the possibility to book extra services before arrival. A 3-DEE virtual tour is not only a win-win situation for us as a hotel, but the guests also receive a tailor-made experience.

Tom, General Manager

Hotel Ter Elst

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