3-DEE - interactive tours - user-friendly - can be used with different devices

Attract, inform, inspire and retain your stakeholders

What are 3-DEE tours?

Welcome to the next generation of virtual tours – the 3-DEE Tours. Unlike anything you’ve experienced before, our 3-DEE Tours are not just virtual tours; they’re interactive and immersive journeys through any space you can imagine, accessible from anywhere in the world on any device of your choice, at any time. Designed with your needs and challenges in mind, these tours go beyond mere visualization, offering an unparalleled user-friendly and interactive experience.


What sets our 3-DEE tours apart is the interactive layer we’ve seamlessly integrated into each tour. It’s not just a virtual tour; it’s an interactive tour that can be used for multiple purposes.

Attracting new staff​
Onboarding new staff​
Sales & customer experience

How does it work?

3-DEE interactive works - how do we work

Use cases

Future proof businesses, thanks to 3-DEE

Always being accessible through digital means is something we strongly believe in at Meerschman. We thought a virtual showroom where our customers can walk around 7/7 and 24/7 was a great idea. The first contact we had with 3-DEE was with Sophia. Because of her professional and correct approach and agreements, Sophia knew how to convince us immediately.

Tom, Marketing Manager

MINI Meerschman

We have a unique memory from our pop-up store: an amazing 3D scan of 3-DEE that is so detailed as if you were standing in the store. We used this for marketing purposes, and it was top-notch! No doubt we will be working with 3-DEE again because, in addition to the perfect result, the service is also exceptionally top notch!

Tibbe, Co-founder


3-DEE brought our hotel to our visitors before they even arrived. Our guests already experienced the ‘welcome feeling’ before booking and have the possibility to book extra services before arrival. A 3-DEE virtual tour is not only a win-win situation for us as a hotel, but the guests also receive a tailor-made experience.

Tom, General Manager

Hotel Ter Elst