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The story behind 3-DEE

3-DEE’s story started at Sophia’s previous job. After graduating in business communication, Sophia worked for a car importer, where she was responsible for the dealership and after-sales communication in Belgium and Luxembourg.

As with most industries, the COVID-pandemic hit car dealerships, and like other businesses, they had to close their showrooms overnight. As part of Sophia’s responsibilities, she collected the best practices from all dealerships to share these with the rest of the network. At that point, Sophia saw that one of the dealerships had made a virtual tour. She was impressed and called the dealership to ask what he thought about it and if he was happy with the results. She was surprised when he told her he would not do it again as the virtual tour only allowed people to see the different cars without knowing which model they were looking at, what options were available, which tires were on the car, etc. So basically, it gave the customer the same experience as if they would see a car in the street.

3-DEE Sophia Huybrechts founder of 3-DEE interactive tours

Sophia is passionate about marketing and is an innovator in trying new marketing & communication tools. She wanted to find a supplier who could give that extra dimension to the customer experience and that would accelerate the sale process by interactively answering the customers’ basic questions. That’s why she asked her younger brother Sebastian, the techy one in the family, to help her find the right supplier for the dealerships. While digging deeper and trying to find the right supplier, they quickly concluded that no one could do it with the features that allowed the virtual tour to be personalized. So, Sebastian discovered how virtual tours were made and gave Sophia all the tools to do it herself. Sophia did not need much conviction to jump into this new adventure.

While starting the business and speaking with many prospects, customers, mentors, business coaches, businesspeople, and others, it became clear that virtual tours can go much further than just the customer experience. It also became clear that one virtual tour can be used as a basis to create multiple other ones for other purposes. It can also save people’s lives by using it for safety drills or help attract and find the right employees and improve the onboarding process for many companies. It can even be used as a product placement tool that boosts partnerships’ online visibility while boosting a company’s visibility and advertising in an interactive way.

Like everyone, every business is different, so 3-DEE only makes customized virtual tours. We look at your needs and challenges and solve them together!

3-DEE's mission & vision


To create an emotional connection for all involved in your company with our creative tools.


To be the leading provider of personalized virtual tours.

3-DEE's values


3-DEE’s product and services are innovative and constantly improving by the solutions needed from our clients. By talking and brainstorming with our clients, we get inspired to solve their challenges and be creative to find a solution for them by creating new features.


Rosa Nochette Carey once said, “Do it with passion, or not at all.” That is also the driving force at 3-DEE. The entire team at 3-DEE consists of people with a passion for innovation, always wanting to bring out the best in themselves and others to deliver the best solutions and services. Therefore, the team at 3-DEE is full of passion, looking for opportunities to keep innovating and improving themselves and their product offering.


Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs. That’s why all virtual tours are customized. We brainstorm with the client about their challenges and needs to see how 3-DEE virtual tours can help them bring interactive solutions. Every client is also assigned to a particular contact person to ensure they get the support they need.


We are a premium brand that works with the most premium equipment to guarantee you a premium virtual tour.


At 3-DEE, we attach great importance to teamwork. Everything we do is discussed with the client before we develop it. We take over as many elements as possible so our clients can focus on their job while we create the virtual tour to cater to their needs.


From the beginning to the end, everything is communicated in a very transparent way. This allows our customers to follow every step of development in creating their virtual tour and understand the process of making a 3-DEE virtual tour. We don’t make decisions for our customers before their approval.

3-DEE's team

Meet our team that will work with you on making your project a success.

Sophia Huybrechts


“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

3-DEE virtual tour - Sabrina Polakoff - business coach

Sabrina Polakoff

Business advisor

“Impossible only means you haven’t found the solution yet.”

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