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Customer Experience



  • Fire procedures: Start it @KBC is the biggest accelerator program in Belgium. About 130 startups are hosted in their different hubs. Since not every team member of every startup and not every team member of Start it @KBC are in the co-working space daily, they may miss the fire drill. Consequently, there is a chance they may not know how to evacuate, where the emergency exits are, where the manual fire alarms are located, and how to use the fire extinguishers.
  • Damage: in the event of damage, the condition of the entire co-working space cannot be demonstrated other than through photographs.
  • Requesting quotations: events are regularly organized, occasionally requiring POS material or other decorative items to be ordered. Start it @KBC uses several suppliers for this, meaning they all have to come to measure spaces physically. Consequently, someone from the Start it @KBC team has to be present every time.



  • Fire procedures: at 3-DEE, we start with one interactive tour and then personalize it to the customer’s needs. For Start, it @KBC, both an internal and external interactive tour was created. For the internal interactive tour, the emergency exits were mapped so that the (staff) members know where these emergency exits are located in case of a fire. In addition, it is also possible to implement the various fire procedures in the interactive tour as well so that both internal staff and external visitors know what to do in case of fire, electricity blackout, CO2 poisoning, etc.
  • Damage: because the 3-DEE interactive tour is created by putting a camera at different points in a location, the location can also be viewed from different viewpoints. In addition, a 4K camera is used to scan the panoramas, allowing the interactive tour to be consulted in detail. Moreover, when the interactive tour is created, a fixed date is also linked, allowing the state to be demonstrated before the damage.
  • Requesting quotations: thanks to the 3-DEE interactive tour, the detailed floor plans, and the integrated measuring function, suppliers can now provide quotes remotely. This allows them to see the exact dimensions of different rooms, measure walls, floors, and objects, and view and revisit the entire site to see which material is best for them to include.

Customer Experience


  • Optimize customer experience: since the Start it @KBC hub in Antwerp is 1200 m², it is not always easy for members and mentors to find their booked meeting room. Consequently, they often book the same meeting room to know where it is located. In addition, many events are organized for members, yet not every member reads their mail, which limits attendance for some events. Moreover, it is not always clear what startups can expect from the Start it @KBC trajectory, so expectations do not always match reality.
  • More qualitative leads: the Start it @KBC team is only in the office during business hours. Consequently, interested parties who want to visit on weekends or after work hours, for example, cannot see what the co-working space looks like. In addition, there are sometimes multiple parties involved in choosing a co-working space, requiring various schedules to be juxtaposed to find an appropriate date. Consequently, the decision-making process can sometimes take much longer than it should.


  • Optimize customer experience: since Start it @KBC works with a platform to book meeting rooms; this was integrated into the interactive tour. The search function and mini-map facilitate the search for the meeting room, as everyone can easily orient themselves in the building. Information, and behind-the-scenes images, were also implemented in the interactive tour so that startups know what to expect from a Start it @KBC trajectory. Finally, events were also integrated into the interactive tour in different ways so that members are always seeing the latest updates when viewing the interactive tour.
  • More qualitative leads: unlike the usual business hours, the 3-DEE interactive tour is available 24/7 on any mobile device. Moreover, since it is implemented on the Start it @KBC website, it also boosts their online visibility. This allows them to organically reach people looking for a co-working space or an accelerator program. Moreover, because the 3-DEE interactive tour depicts the hub in a detailed and realistic way, prospects also know what to expect. When they effectively make an appointment to visit the hub physically, they are more likely to choose this co-working space ultimately. Moreover, not everyone has to travel anymore, eliminating the need to match all schedules and speeding up the decision process.

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