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Customer Experience

Customer Experience


  • Increasing sales: since Ecohuis is not the only company that builds wood skeleton homes, they must differentiate themselves from their competitors. Since most customers find them online and mainly look at the first three search results in search engines, they need to rank high here. Currently, this is not the case for all keywords, so they spend a lot of marketing budget on their In addition, the team at Ecohuis is mainly available during business hours, and there is also the construction leave during specific periods. Consequently, no or few sales can be generated at these times.
  • Optimize customer experience: to optimize their customer experience, it is important to inform and inspire customers adequately. Although Ecohuis has more than 80 projects per year, they now communicate their realizations based on static photos. The photos allow the customer to be inspired, but the informative side often remains limited, leaving the prospect with many questions at an introductory meeting.
  • Respect customer privacy: to respect customer privacy, taking photos of the projects from certain angles is important. Consequently, not everything can be shown, and the images are sometimes taken from specific angles, leaving essential things out of the picture.


  • Increase sales: the 3-DEE interactive tour is posted on the Ecohuis website and viewed by several prospects. To optimize the SEO, one of the requirements is to maximize the time a prospect stays on the website. Since the interactive tour is viewed for an average of 5 minutes, this optimizes their SEO, and less budget will have to be spent on SEA. In addition, the virtual tour was made interactive and informative, so prospects will be perfectly informed even if they want to view it during construction holidays or after business hours.
  • Optimize customer experience: to optimize their customer experience, it is essential to inform and inspire customers adequately. The 3-DEE virtual tour ensures that the static photos are replaced by an interactive tourwhere the prospect can see for themselves what they find interesting and transparently view everything. It also lowers the threshold to make contact since the prospect is well-informed and knows what to expect.
  • Respect customer privacy: the customer’s privacy must be respected at all times. Therefore, personal information and security systems are blurred, so they are not visible in the interactive tour. Moreover, there is also a possibility to show only a part of the house by turning off certain camera angles. In addition, a password can also be added to the interactive tour so that only those with the password can view the home.

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