Information overload and platform confusion

New employees often face an overwhelming amount of information during their first days or weeks. They receive explanations about various platforms, but retaining all this information is challenging. With no centralized, written source, recalling details when needed becomes a struggle.

Unstructured and non-digitalized onboarding process

Current onboarding procedures are printed, making it inconvenient for employees to access the information they need, especially when away from their desks. Additionally, the onboarding manual is generic and lacks job-specific details, leading to gaps in understanding crucial role-specific processes.

Unclear role responsibilities

In large organizations with many employees, it can be unclear who is responsible for what. New employees often do not know whom to reach out to for specific queries, particularly when it involves someone outside their immediate team.

Orientation Challenges

Navigating a large building or multiple office locations can be daunting for new hires. They often struggle to find their way around, including where to park, leading to unnecessary stress and lost productivity.


Integrated procedures and manuals via 3-DEE tour

Our interactive 3-DEE tour consolidates all onboarding procedures into an easily accessible digital format. The interactive menu allows new employees to review procedures and platform manuals anytime, anywhere. This integration ensures they have all necessary information at their fingertips, promoting better retention and quick reference.

Personalized employee introductions

The 3-DEE tour includes introductions to team members through written profiles and short videos. This feature helps new hires familiarize themselves with colleagues, understand their roles, and know exactly whom to contact for specific questions, fostering a more connected and efficient workplace.

Pathfinder and floor map for easy navigation

Our solution includes a pathfinder and detailed floor map, aiding new employees in navigating the building with ease. This tool helps them locate offices, meeting rooms, and parking spaces quickly, reducing the time spent wandering and increasing their confidence in their new environment.


By addressing these key onboarding challenges with our comprehensive, digitalized approach, we ensure that new employees feel supported, informed, and connected from day one. This results in a smoother transition, faster adaptation, and enhanced overall productivity.

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