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3-DEE virtual tours allow you to view an existing location in an interactive and detailed way as if you were physically present, but from any device, wherever, and whenever you want. After we create the scan, we personalize the 3-DEE virtual tour so that it can be used for both internal (onboarding & security) and external purposes (onboarding, product placement & customer experience).

To create a 3-DEE virtual tour, we first and foremost visit the location. Here we strategically place a camera at various locations, where the camera will then rotate 360 degrees. This way, panoramas are created and pasted together to create a virtual tour. At 3-DEE, only the best equipment is used, which is why we use a camera that works based on infrared rays. Consequently, measurements can also be taken in the virtual tour, and detailed floor plans can also be provided.

The main difference is that a video is viewed passively, while a 3-DEE virtual tour is discovered actively. More specifically, a 3-DEE virtual tour allows the virtual tour visitor to decide for themselves what they want to view without having to wait or fast forward in a video. This not only ensures that the person can find what they are looking for faster but also that the person will stay on the website longer, thus increasing their online visibility.

Depending on the personalization and size of the site, we can deliver the rough version of the virtual tour within 48 hours after scanning. This will include all the personalizations we can implement or have already received from you, such as logo, menu, social media integrations, videos, labels, etc.


At 3-DEE, we believe that everything is possible. That’s why we always want our clients to express their wishes to ensure they get the best. If a specific feature is not yet in our offer, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it possible. If you have a particular preference for a feature, let us know, and together we will see if it is possible.

The camera we use during scanning is based on infrared rays. This means we can measure to an accuracy of 99% in the virtual tour. To measure (more) precisely, it is recommended to measure straight and accurately. In other words, we advise measuring both in the floor plan and in the virtual tour itself and from different angles to have the most accurate measurements.

Of course! We can translate the virtual tour into the language of your choice so that you can integrate the correct language on the right webpage. You can also have the different languages in the menu so your customers can easily switch.

Of course, you can! The 3-DEE virtual tour consists of two layers: the scan of the location and the personalization. If you have suddenly painted a white wall grey, we cannot change it manually and have to come back to scan it. All personalizations such as photos, videos, facts, website pages, pop-ups, etc., can be adapted at any time.


The cost of a 3-DEE virtual tour depends on the size of the location, the number of details to be included, and the personalization. Each quote is tailored to your needs based on your briefing.

Apart from the one-time cost of creating the 3-DEE virtual tour, there is a monthly cost for hosting the virtual tour, technical support, and consulting the statistics at any time.

No, we can deactivate your 3-DEE virtual tour when you don’t need it and reactivate it without you having to pay a monthly fee. If you want to reactivate the 3-DEE virtual tour, you will only have to pay the reactivation fee. This will be explained during the intake interview.


Since we only need our camera to make the scan, we can scan everywhere.

The time to create a 3-DEE virtual tour depends on the size of the site, the site itself (e.g., Whether the floor is straight, has many walls, or is one open space), and the amount of detailed scanning required. When the quote is prepared, an estimate of the time it will take to create the virtual tour is also provided.

We provide you with a checklist with tips & tricks on how to make your location scan-proof.

Absolutely! We do depend on the weather because our camera works based on infrared rays. When there is too much sun, we have to wait until the sun turns or come back at a different time. When it rains, we are not able to scan outside.

In principle, this is not a problem if the pet is not in the room while we are scanning it. For example, if we are scanning the living room and the pet is in the bedroom, this is not a problem. For safety reasons, the pet should not be in the same room as the scan to avoid the pet colliding with the camera or knocking it over.

Certainly! We scan 7/7.

No, you don’t. You just need someone to be present to open the door. In addition, it is also important that someone is present before we start the scan to go over the entire location with us, so we are sure not to forget any details you need to be included.

The scan is done in the condition of the building and location. This means that virtual tour visitors will see the “clutter.” Therefore, we recommend cleaning up your space before we scan it.

In principle, this is not a problem. However, remember that these people will be visible on the 3-DEE virtual tour if they are present in the space when we are scanning it. This means that you might see people moving around in the scan (for example, in one scan position, there is nobody in a room, and in another scan position, there are suddenly three people). We can also blur people’s faces so that they are unrecognizable. But before you decide, think carefully about the user experience you want to share for your brand.


3-DEE virtual tours can be secured by adding a password to the virtual tour. This allows only those with the password to view the 3-DEE virtual tour.

We can blur confidential information to ensure it is not visible. This includes everything from personal information, cameras, and alarms, to faces or other items.

We can turn off camera angles to ensure that external people do not have access to that space but that the admin of the 3-DEE virtual tour still does.

We certainly can! We can blur anything to make sure it is rendered invisible.


Good news! You don’t need to install any software to consult your 3-DEE virtual tour. You just need an internet connection.

Absolutely! You can copy and share the link of the virtual tour or the link of the website where the 3-DEE virtual tour is implemented, or you can use the share icons in the virtual tour to share it immediately with the person of your choice via the platform of your choice.


It’s great that you want to become part of our team. We are always looking for new talents. Take a look at the different vacancies on our website and send your CV and motivation letter to hello@3-dee.be. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps!

Super nice that you want to become a part of our team. At 3-DEE, we are always looking for interns to join our team. Send your CV and motivation letter to hello@3-dee.be; add the period you are available to do an internship and what kind of internship you are looking for. Our internships have a duration of minimum 8 weeks and are full-time. You will be required to be in Belgium and should have access to transportation.

It’s great that you want to join our power team! Check out our jobs page on this link to see our current opportunities. Can’t find the job of your dreams? Then you can always send us an open application. Send your CV and motivation letter to hello@3-dee.be. Make sure to mention what you see yourself doing within 3-DEE and who knows; you might be our match in heaven!

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