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Customer Experience

Customer Experience


  • Optimizing customer experience: WONDR is not the only company making sustainable and environmentally friendly soaps. Therefore, it is important to differentiate themselves from their competition by focusing on the customer experience, amongst other things. They opened several pop-ups to ensure that everyone could discover their products in a physical store, as they mainly sell online. Given the short opening period, they needed to be able to welcome as many customers as possible in their pop-ups.
  • Limited opening hours: although the WONDR team kept the pop-ups open on 7/7, the store was closed between 6 pm-10 am. Consequently, casual passersby could not discover the assortment when the store was closed, and employees with traditional working hours could only visit during the weekend.
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising: customers often consult reviews before buying a product. Therefore, it is important to engage in both verbal and written reviews.
  • Attract customers to stop by the pop-up: since the pop-ups were open for a limited period, it was essential to attract as many customers as possible to stop by.
  • Customer preferences: customers like to receive personalized information. Although WONDR can see from their sales reports which products sell best, the customer purchasing behavior in a store differs from that of an online store. They do not have in-store data to show their customers’ purchase behavior.
  • Inspiration for next pop-up: WONDR has opened several pop-ups and plans to open additional ones. To ensure that the interior is always decorated in the same style, it is important to have imagery of the different pop-ups to show suppliers.



  • Optimize customer experience: the 3-DEE virtual tour allows WONDR to differentiate itself from its competitors by offering a personalized and interactive customer experience. Thanks to the 3-DEE virtual tour their virtual tour visitors can discover the different products range in the pop-up and get a first impression of the pop-up without having to move around physically.
  • Limited opening hours: thanks to tips mentioned in the 3-DEE guidebook, even casual passersby could discover WONDR’s full range in the blink of an eye. In addition, the virtual tour is available on any device at any location. Even when the pop-up is closed, WONDR can highlight its entire range.
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising: because customers can view the pop-up in advance, they know what to expect. When they physically visit, they will also be genuinely interested, generating more positive word-of-mouth advertising. In addition, it is an innovative tool and can be easily shared, which also helps spread word of mouth faster.
  • Attract customers to stop by the pop-up: the virtual tour can be communicated differently on different channels. As a result, prospects and customers are informed and reminded about the opening of the pop-up through other channels at different times. Because they can also take a look in advance, the likelihood of physically visit later is also higher.
  • Customer preferences: thanks to the statistics linked to the 3-DEE virtual tour, the WONDR team knows exactly which products are the most viewed and the heatmap shows which route the customer takes during their virtual tour visit. The more data available about prospects and customers, the better you can tailor your marketing to their needs and sell more.
  • Inspiration for the following pop-up: since WONDR has ambitions to open other pop-ups, the 3-DEE virtual tour is the perfect guide. This makes it easy to see how the pop-up was decorated, take measurements and have a floor plan available. Based on the statistics, it can also be decided how the next pop-ups will be merchandised to boost sales.

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