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Customer Experience

Customer Experience


  • Increase online visibility: since Pursuit Femmes is a startup with little brand awareness, many customers find them through search engines like Google. Especially the first three search results are viewed, but Pursuit Femmes does not score for all keywords in these three search results, which is why there is currently a high investment in SEA to increase online visibility. To invest less in this, the SEO should be optimized, among other things.
  • Limited opening hours: Pursuit Femmes is only open during the opening hours of their stores and pop-ups. This means that casual passersby cannot experience their store and discover their personal touch and story when closed.
  • Work more efficiently: since Pursuit Femmes has limited opening hours, it is essential to use them efficiently. When several suppliers have to physically stop by for a price quote for furniture or other decorations, someone in the team should always be there. As a result, the Pursuit Femmes team loses a lot of time they could be using to attract new customers. In addition, sometimes customers come by who are not interested in purchasing their product but just want to check the store out.
  • Data on customers (interests): Pursuit Femmes only has data on their customers’ shopping behavior based on their sales reports. But the more data they have, the more focused they can make strategic decisions regarding a store’s merchandising.
  • Optimize customer experience: at Pursuit Femmes, a personalized approach is key. In addition, it is not a traditional clothing store but a tailor-made experience. Therefore, to meet customers’ expectations, it is essential to set them correctly.
  • Increase word-of-mouth: To obtain positive word-of-mouth, it is important to set expectations correctly and, at best, even exceed them.
  • Attract customers to stop by in the pop-up: in addition to their stores in Antwerp and Ghent, Pursuit Femmes sometimes opens pop-ups for a limited period. To attract people there as well, it is essential to highlight the stores’ atmosphere and optimize its merchandising.
  • Inspiration for the following pop-up: Pursuit Femmes has several stores and sometimes pop-ups. It is important that everything is decorated in the same atmosphere and look and feel. Currently, they do this based on photos and notes.


  • Increase online visibility: the 3-DEE virtual tour is placed in different places on the website, giving those pages a longer visit time. The time a website visitor spends on your website affects your ranking on search engines such as Google. According to search engines, the more time a website visitor spends on your website, the more interesting the page is, and the higher you will rank. This way, you need to spend less marketing budget on SEA as you’ll rank organically higher.
  • Limited opening hours: since the 3-DEE virtual tour is available 24/7 and can be accessed from any mobile device, customers can view the store at all times. In addition, a strategy was also implemented so that casual passersby can also view the 3-DEE virtual tour!
  • Work more efficiently: thanks to the integrated measuring function, offers can be requested without having to visit each supplier physically. In addition, the supplier can revisit the virtual tour any time, and the chance of back-and-forth mail is also reduced. Customers can also take a look in advance, increasing the likelihood of qualitative leads.
  • Data on customers (interests): statistics are linked to the 3-DEE virtual tour. This ensures that Pursuit Femmes receives more data about the shopping behavior of their customers. This data can support strategic decisions such as how to set up the physical stores and which communication messages to spread.
  • Optimize customer experience: the 3-DEE virtual tour is very interactive and contains a lot of information about their collections, the fabrics they use, their personal approach, etc. This way, customers know in advance what to expect. In addition, the threshold to physically visit is also lower because the feeling is created that they already know the Pursuit Femmes team.
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising: because the customers can discover the store in a very interactive, user-friendly, and transparent way, they already know in advance what to expect. When they physically visit, they are also more likely to have their expectations met and share their positive experience with others.
  • Attract customers to stop by the pop-up: The atmosphere is displayed by creating a 3-DEE virtual tour of the store in Antwerp. The virtual tour visitors can then already choose what they want to see and thus choose to visit the stores in the other cities.
  • Inspiration for the following pop-up: when a pop-up closes, the 3-DEE virtual tour can be deactivated and reactivated when needed. In addition, the virtual tour of the store can also be used to choose the layout and take learnings from it for new pop-ups.

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