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Customer Experience

Customer Experience


  • Increase sales: JJ Maes is closed for three weeks during the summer. During the week, they open during regular business hours and are closed during the weekend except for one Sunday per month. As a result, they cannot welcome prospects or customers on weekends or during their holidays and consequently inform and inspire them. Therefore, their sales during this period are limited. In addition, the salon furniture is grouped by type. For example, the chairs are grouped, the sinks, etc., making it challenging to cross-sell and sell other items.
  • Focus on marketing & communication: JJ Maes’ offering includes more than 250 products, making it challenging to choose which products to bring at a fair or which products to communicate about. Although JJ Maes can see which products sell best in its sales report, it is still essential to know which products customers are interested in or looking for. Also, when JJ Maes participates in fairs, they cannot bring all items due to the surface area of the booth, so they have to decide what they will exhibit strategically.
  • Optimize customer experience: in JJ Maes’ webshop, not all products are grouped, so hairdressers must visit to know what products are there. In addition, they are also not well informed about the different options, how certain products should be used or maintained, etc.



  • Increase sales: by implementing the 3-DEE interactive tour on JJ Maes’ website, the showroom is available 24/7 from any device. Consequently, customers and prospects can visit the showroom and view the full range of products even during the summer and weekends. In addition, realizations were also added in the interactive tour. Because the prospects and customers can see how other hair salons have combined the products, they also become inspired. Consequently, the chances of cross-selling are higher.
  • Focus on marketing & communication: since statistics are linked to the 3-DEE interactive tour, JJ Maes can see which products are most viewed. This way, they can use an additional reference to select their choice of products to showcase on their stand. Suppose a customer at the booth has questions about a product not in their booth but in the showroom. In that case, the interactive tour allows JJ Maes to support its explanation using a visual representation of their showroom at the fair.
  • Optimizing customer experience: in the 3-DEE interactive tour, all products were mapped out in a very user-friendly way. This way, customers and prospects can easily view the product range. In addition, how-to videos were also implemented so that customers and prospects could see the product and how to use it. Moreover, a Google maps integration was also integrated into the interactive tour so that visitors to the showroom know how to get there and where to park.

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