WONDR pop-up Ghent

WONDR is a company that makes shampoo, soap, face and body wash. WONDR bars are superfood for your skin. Packed with gentle, natural ingredients. Without plastic and unnecessary junk.  In 2021 they opened two physical pop-up stores in Ostend and Ghent in addition to their webshop to physically promote their brand.


What was their challenge?

Because the pop-ups were only open for one month, it was necessary to attract customers to the pop-up and make them want to come by. In addition, not everyone could visit the physical pop-ups because of the distance, so they also wanted to give those people the chance to discover the pop-ups interactively and originally to discover the brand environment.


Why did WONDR choose 3DEE?

  1. Increase market share: being creative and putting their customers’ experience first by communicating with them in an interactive and personalized way ensured better expectations and, therefore, better word-of-mouth. This generated more loyal customers and more visitors to their website, resulting in an increase in sales.
  2. Increase online visibility: as a company, visibility can continuously improve, and a lower bounce rate is always the ambition. By placing the 3DEE virtual tour on a website, the website visitors will stay longer, and the bounce rate will be lowered.
  3. Optimize customer experience: WONDR is very engaged with their customers. Personalization is, therefore, an absolute must for them. Thanks to the menu, the customers could immediately discover the products on the webshop and easily find the address of the two pop-ups or discover their blog posts.
  4. Corona proof: the Corona pandemic has made some consumers afraid to go into a store physically, so the 3DEE virtual tour allowed them to discover the WONDR brand in a new light and be assured that the shop wassafe.
  5. Statistics: WONDR created a lot of social media campaigns, and although they can already view a lot of statistics on the social media platforms, the statistics from their 3DEE virtual tour allowed them to see where visitors had been the most often and which products were the most viewed. Additionally, they could also see whether the social media campaign was just a click or generated interest by seeing how long the visitors stayed on the virtual tour.
  6. Social media content: creating social media content takes a lot of work and time, but it also means that you have to come up with creative ideas every time. To help with this, in addition to their 3DEE virtual tour, panoramas, videos, and photos were provided to ensure that WONDR have at least 10 ready-made content for their social media posts.
  7. Open 24/7: unlike the opening hours of the pop-ups, WONDR’s virtual tour is open 24/7. Even when the pop-ups close for good, the virtual tour will still be available.
  8. Personalized message: before the customer enters the WONDR pop-up store in Ghent, a pop-up appears to welcome people. In this way, they again communicated with their customers personally.
  9. Give a sneak peek: the 3DEE virtual tour of WONDR does not show every product in detail, but just enough to soak up the interest and give (prospective) customers a realistic impression of what they can expect from the pop-up in Ghent. This triggers them to come visit.



  • Pop-up ad
  • Labels with text
  • Labels linked to the webshop
  • Logo
  • Measurement function
  • Menu
  • Doll house
  • Floor plan
  • Statistics


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