Vlerick campus Brussels

Vlerick is a renowned private Belgian business school known known internationally for its management degrees


What were their challenges?

As an international institution, it was important for Vlerick to allow both the national and international prospective students to get an accurate picture of what a Vlerick education entailed. Although they are already active at many physical and virtual international fairs, they could often only give verbal information or tell fun facts to potential students without a visual tool to back it up. Therefore, they were looking for an alternative way to be innovative for that experience. In addition, especially for international students, it was not always possible to physically visit the campus, so they wanted to solve this as well.


After a student has enrolled in a program, Vlerick wanted to optimize the onboarding experience here. Vlerick students sometimes have classes on a different campus. They tried to respond to this by allowing them to find their classrooms easily at the Brussels campus.


Why did Vlerick choose 3-DEE?

  1. Onboarding international and national students: The virtual tour plays an important role here, as it displays the entire campus and campus life in an interactive and detailed way. The prospective students can orient themselves in the 5000 m2 campus using the mini-map. In addition, the labels ensure that the prospective students can also discover fun facts about the campus. But also, the environment in the form of photos, videos, and testimonials are integrated into the virtual tour to complete the onboarding. In this way, future students know what to expect, and their expectations are also met.
  2. Onboarding colleagues: besides the students, a 3-DEE virtual tour is also a handy tool for professors and other Vlerick colleagues. Because they don’t always teach on the same campus, they can quickly orientate themselves using the mini-map and the menu.
  3. Optimize campus experience: the 3-DEE virtual tour lets you discover the entire campus in a detailed and interactive way. The students visiting the campus for the first time also allows them to orient themselves and even find hidden gems quickly.
  4. Lower threshold to contact: Vlerick wants to put its students at ease from the beginning. Thanks to the chat function and the contact form, future students, professors, and parents can easily and quickly ask their questions. Subsequently, Vlerick can start retargeting these individuals so they are not lost leads.
  5. Available 24/7: Vlerick’s campus is available to its students 24/7. The 3-DEE virtual tour ensures that future students can already view the campus without waiting for an open-door day.
  6. Increase online visibility: By placing the 3-DEE virtual tour on the website, visitors stay on the website longer, and therefore the bounce rate is also lowered. As a result, the website will be ranked higher on search engines.
  7. Social media content: creating social media content takes a lot of work and time, but it also means getting creative every time. To help with this, panoramas, videos, and photos are provided in addition to the 3-DEE virtual tour.
  8. Facility: the integrated measurement function ensures that the facility department can also use the 3-DEE virtual tour. This allows them to request quotes to suppliers by sending them pictures of a space with accurate measurements. The suppliers only need to visit the campus for final measuring before the order is placed.
  9. Job fair: Vlerick organizes a job fair several times a year where companies can scout young talent. Thanks to the measuring function and the virtual tour, participating companies can decorate their stands easily because they know how much space they have available. In addition, they can also quickly orientate themselves in the building. Moreover, the integrated Google Maps function also makes it easy for them to see how to get to the campus.
  10. Meeting room rental: Vlerick rents out its meeting rooms to students, alumni, partners, and external parties. The virtual tour enables them to see what spaces are available to rent. Via the chat function and the contact form, they can easily book the meeting room of their choice.
  11. Fire safety: the various emergency exits were indicated in the 3-DEE virtual tour. When certain students or staff members are not present during a fire drill, they can still see how to evacuate.
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