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Start it @KBC Co-working space

Start it @KBC is the biggest accelerator program in Belgium that helps start-ups grow their business. Thanks to Start it Hubs, they also assist these start-ups by providing them co-working spaces in 6 different cities for free during the first year.


What was their challenge?

It is time-consuming to show the entire co-working space to prospective tenants each time a space becomes available. They were looking for a solution to reduce this time and work more efficiently. They also wanted to highlight their partners to increase their visibility and make it easier for their start-ups to find out which partners were in the program and how/in which areas they could help them. Finally, when tenants first come to their office space and book a meeting room, for example, they don’t know where it is, so they have to walk all over the building to find out. A 3DEE virtual tour was an ideal solution for these challenges.


Why did Start it @KBC choose 3DEE?

  1. Higher occupancy rate: the 3DEE virtual tour was implemented on the Start it @KBC website. The bounce rate decreased, and online visibility was optimized because it takes a while to discover the entire co-working space and can also be used by the members to search and book a meeting room. The higher ranking on Google ensured that more people could be reached, and therefore the occupancy rate is increased.
  2. Saving time: because the 3DEE virtual tour is available 24/7 and can be viewed in detail from any device, interested parties can discover the entire co-working space. They can see which offices are still available and which other facilities are available in the building. When they make an appointment for a physical viewing, they are indeed interested so that both parties do not have to physically travel for a visit if there isn’t any interest.
  3. Setting expectations correctly: With the added labels to their 3DEE virtual tour, information was provided about the co-working space, indicating which office space is still available. This way, potential tenants know what to expect and which area they can choose from.
  4. Reduce staff costs: the 3DEE virtual tour can be viewed in detail online. The potential tenant knows what to expect, so they will only schedule an appointment to view the property physically if they are interested. As a result, the leads become more qualitative, which means that the staff and the prospective tenant travel less often and work more efficiently.
  5. Attract new partners and offer a higher ROI for current partners: the labels in the virtual tour ensure that the partners can be authentically put in the spotlight. The start-ups can easily get to know the various partners.
  6. Optimize the user experience: the menu in the 3DEE virtual tours helps the tenants of the co-working space easily discover where a meeting room is that they have booked. This way, they don’t have to walk through the entire co-working space to find the meeting room.
  7. Fire drill: when a fire breaks, all hands are on deck. Because the tenants are not present every day, there is a chance that they will miss the fire drill, so it is essential to inform them to know how to evacuate. The 3DEE virtual tour can be used as a training tool for tenants to find the emergency exit when needed easily.
  8. Insurance: in case of damage (physical from a tenant, fire, water, etc.), the 3DEE virtual tour can be used to show the premises before the damage.
  9. Content for social media & website: in addition to the 3DEE virtual tour, photos, panoramas, and videos are provided, which can be used for social media accounts but also as website content.
  10. Communication/promotion pop-up: temporary promotions or critical communications can easily be shared in the 3DEE virtual tour thanks to the pop-up functionality. On the one hand, leads can be generated by asking for the visitor’s contact details. New opening hours or other important messages can also be communicated here.
  11. Statistics: when Start it @KBC launches social media campaigns, they can easily analyze which channels visitors came through and optimize their marketing budget in this way.



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