Pursuit Femmes

Pursuit Femmes is a fashion start-up that specialize in made to measure, trendy and unique suits, blazers, and trousers for women in Antwerp.  They have a physical shop in Antwerp and a pop-up in Ghent for some months now.


What was their challenge?

Pursuit Femmes wanted to set customer expectations right by explaining to prospective customers their customer journey in advance before their visit to the store.  This way they could visually see how everything worked and give them a sneak peek of their Antwerp shop. To ensure that the customer experience was optimal, they wanted to make the 3DEE virtual tour as user-friendly and personal as possible.


In addition, it was also crucial for them to increase their online visibility and market share, since they are relatively new and wanted to stand out from their competition. Hence, a lower bounce rate and a higher Google ranking were an added value. Finally, they also wanted to optimize their marketing & visual merchandising.


Why did Pursuit Femmes choose 3DEE?

  1. Increase online visibility: as a start-up, online visibility is crucial as being in the top 3 search results of Google will increase the chance that people click on website. Therefore, the choice was made to also integrate the virtual tour on Google Maps. Additionally, the bounce rate was reduced due to website visitors staying longer on their website to view the entire 3DEE virtual tour.
  2. Increase market share: by communicating with their customers in an interactive and personalized way, they created better expectations and, therefore, better word-of-mouth. This generated more loyal customers and more visitors to their website, resulting in higher sales.
  3. Optimize customer experience: thanks to the menu, the customers can easily discover the different possibilities and places in the store. In addition, thanks to the chat function, they can easily ask their questions without contacting the salesperson in the store by phone.
  4. Setting realistic expectations: to ensure that customers knew what to expect, labels were added to the 3DEE virtual tour. This way, the customers learns how things work and how tailor-made suits are created.
  5. Statistics: personalization is a new must in the business world, and therefore it was essential for Pursuit Femmes to know what their customers are interested in. Thanks to the heatmap, Pursuit Femmes can see which store areas were the most visitied virtually and then take advantage of this during a physical visit. In addition, they could also analyze the channels visited by customers to access their virtual tour and how long they stayed engaged, which helped them to stop or boost their social media campaigns in time.
  6. Social media content: creating social media content takes a lot of work and time and means getting creative every time. To help with this, in addition to the 3DEE virtual tour, panoramas, videos, and photos were provided to ensure that Pursuite Femmes had at least 10 ready-made content for their social media posts.
  7. Corona proof: Customers are afraid to move around in an unsafe environment due to the Corona pandemic. The 3DEE virtual tour ensured that propsective customers could see that the store was safe. In addition, the virtual tour remains available even if the stores should close back down, making Pursuit Femmes open in under any circumstances.
  8. Open 24/7: unlike the usual opening hours, the Pursuit Femmes store’s 3DEE virtual tour is accessible 24/7. This allows (prospective) customers to discover the entire store and what to expect from the luxury of their home or while on holiday or traveling.
  9. Promotions, actions & communication: The pop-up function in the 3DEE virtual tour allows Pursuit Femmes to interactively communicate a particular messages with the virtual tour visitor/visitor. In this way, they could announce their pop-up in Ghent opening date. Temporary promotions were also communicated this way.
  10. Measuring function: when Pursuit Femmes wants to add a new piece of furniture to their interior or decorate the store in a particular theme, they can easily see how much space they have thanks to the measuring function in the 3DEE virtual tour. As a result, they no longer have to physically and manually measure everything but know the dimensions in the blink of an eye.
  11. Inspiration: in addition to the store in Antwerp, Pursuit Femmes is continuing their growth with a pop-up in Ghent, and that will probably not be their last location. To ensure that they can create all the stores and pop-ups in the same style and revisit how a particular pop-up was dressed, they can revisit everything in detail thanks to their 3DEE virtual tours.



  • Pop-up ad
  • Blurred faces and license plates
  • Call-to-actions
  • Chat
  • Google maps integration
  • Tags with: photos, text, linked to call-to-actions
  • Company logo
  • Lead form
  • Measurement function
  • Menu
  • Social media & website content: panoramas, photos & videos
  • Statistics


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