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Hotel Ter Elst Edegem - 3-DEE virtuele tour Virtuele tour Hotel Ter Elst

Hotel Ter Elst

Hotel Ter Elst has been a fixture in Antwerp for years. Located just outside the city center in Edegem, the hotel is ideal for a city trip or a business stay. They have multiple meeting rooms that can be rented for corporate events. In addition to their hotel, Hotel Ter Elst also has many partnerships with local companies, which can make your stay in Antwerp complete. For example, they work with fitness club David Lloyd Antwerp and restaurant Yai Thai.


What was their challenge?

Since hotel guests consider the reviews of others when looking for a hotel, it was essential to increase their positive reviews on social media, Google, Trip Advisor, etc. It was essential to set customers’ expectations correctly and ensure an optimal customer experience during the guests’ trip.


Additionally, it was essential to work more efficiently and respond to event planners’ requests during peak periods when many wanted to physically visit the hotel when the government lifted Corona measures to organize events again.


Why did Hotel Ter Elst choose for 3DEE?

  1. Better and more reviews: visitors can easily discover the entire hotel before their visit as the 3DEE virtual tour is detailed and user-friendly. In this way, guests’ expectations are correctly set, and they know what to expect when they physically arrive at the hotel.
  2. More direct bookings: The call-to-action functionality in the menu of the 3DEE virtual tour allowed visitors to book a room directly on the hotel’s website without booking through online travel agents.
  3. Faster decisions and bookings: because the customer knows what to expect and can see everything in detail, they and the other decision-makers can decide on their reservation faster.
  4. Social media content: creating social media content takes a lot of work and time, but it also means that you must come up with creative ideas every time. To help with this, in addition to the 3DEE virtual tour, panoramas, videos, and photos are provided to ensure that Hotel Ter Elst has at least 10 ready-made content for their social media posts.
  5. Optimize more qualitative leads & time: the virtual tour visitors can visit the entire hotel at their leisure, which means they will only schedule a physical viewing for an event if they see potential in the location. In this way, Ter Elst has more qualitative leads, and the staff can help those interested and close their sale.
  6. Increase online visibility: by integrating the virtual tour of Ter Elst on their website, the bounce rate was reduced because visitors stayed longer, which optimized their SEO. In addition, the virtual tour was also implemented on Google maps which, together with the increase in positive reviews, increased online visibility.
  7. Stand out from the competition: competition is high in the hotel market, making it essential to stand out. 3DEE virtual tours ensure that they distinguish themselves as a hotel and offer a premium service to their (prospective) guests. As a result, they increased the loyalty of their customers’ and generated word-of-mouth advertising, which led to a higher occupancy rate.
  8. Open 24/7 & available on all devices: unlike the staff, the 3DEE virtual tour is available 24/7, and guests can view the entire hotel from any device. Guests can also easily ask questions and be contacted with the contact form.
  9. Measurement function: another way to save time is the measurement function. This ensures that suppliers can measure everything with up to 99% accuracy. It is no longer necessary to physically move around to determine if a table will fit in a room or how many plugs are available because you can see everything in the 3DEE virtual tour.
  10. Detailed floor plans: along with the 3DEE virtual tour, detailed floor plans of the different rooms can also be provided. This way, event planners can easily see how big the rented space is and how they will use it.
  11. Statistics: measuring results is essential to make educated decisions. Hotel Ter Elst easily optimized its marketing budget and saw which rooms are most often clicked on, thanks to the available statistics. This allowed them to compare whether the rooms that were viewed the most, were also the most frequently booked ones.
  12. Insurance: in case of damage (physical from a guest, event, fire, water, etc.), the 3DEE virtual tour can be used to show the premises before the damage.




  • Gezichten wazig maken
  • Call-to-actions
  • Menu
  • Doll house
  • Vloerplan
  • Google maps integratie
  • Logo
  • Leadformulier
  • Meetfunctie
  • Mini map
  • Socialemediacontent: foto’s, video’s en panorama’s
  • Statistieken



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