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This private person rents out various apartments in the center of Antwerp.


What was their challenge?

Since this private person has several properties, they wanted to save time by generating qualified leads. In addition, they were taking their property photos themselves but wanted to have more professional photos. They also wanted to rank higher on Immoweb to optimize their ad and generate a quicker rental.


Additionally, they were looking for a solution to have detailed descriptions of the rented property and inventoryto avoid discussions when new tenants signed their lease and after the lease period for the joint inspection of the property. The insurance company needs to have a visual and detailed description to prove a property’s condition before damage occurs.


Why did he choose 3DEE?

  1. Higher rankings on Immoweb: it’s no secret that Immoweb rewards the complete ads in their search. A 3DEE virtual tour ensured that their ads were complete, thanks to the virtual tour itself, but also thanks to the photos that are included. This allowed their ads to rank higher on Immoweb.
  2. Renting faster: because the 3DEE virtual tour can easily be shared and viewed in detail, not everydecision-maker needs to be physically present to decide to rent the property. In addition, because of the complete ad on Immoweb, there are more visitors and a better chance of finding the right tenant.
  3. Save time: because the 3DEE virtual tour accurately represents reality, potential tenants know what to expect and will only request a physical visit if they are interested.
  4. One-stop-shop: photos are also provided along with the 3DEE virtual tour, making their need for a photographer redundant.
  5. Available 24/7: unlike his own schedule, the virtual tours are available 24/7 and can be viewed from any device. This means that interested tenants can easily view the entire property in detail.
  6. User-friendly: the 3DEE virtual tour is easy to use. The menu functionality allows visitors to easily navigate from one room to another without going back to the entrance each time.
  7. Contact form: although Immoweb already has a contact form, there is also an integrated form in the 3DEE virtual tour. This increases the chances of being contacted, and your prospect’s data can easily be saved.
  8. Using it back after the rental period: when an apartment is rented out, it is archived at 3DEE. This ensures that it can be easily reactivated when the property is available again.
  9. Place description and inspection: the details of the 3DEE virtual tour ensure that you can also use it as a place description with inventory and consequently demonstrate the property’s condition before the rental period. In this way, there is no discussion between the tenant and the landlord after the rental period for the joint inspection of the property.
  10. Floor planthanks to the measurement feature, tenants can easily plan their move and buy furniture, as they can measure everything and thus see if their furniture will fit.
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