Viewworks x 3-DEE virtuele tour

ViewWorks is a manufacturer of customized PVC windows from Reynaers Aluminium. In addition, fire-resistant joinery and a new range, Master Patio 18, were recently added to the range.


What were their challenges?
ViewWorks sells mainly to B2B customers. Since most joinery is chosen in the showroom, they were looking for an interactive way to bring the showroom to their customers’ homes. They also wanted to increase their brand awareness and online visibility.


Why did ViewWorks choose 3-DEE?

  1. Optimize customer experience: ViewWorks’s primary focus is on the quality of its products. This commitment is also extended to the customer experience, as customers can interactively discover the showroom themselves. In addition, they can also get inspired by the various combination possibilities. To help the customer before, during, and after the sale, I-frames were integrated with extra information about the products. Additionally, videos about the maintenance products that could be used were implemented in the virtual tour.
  2. Improve online visibility: the 3-DEE virtual tour is implemented on the website. Thanks to the personalization possibilities, the virtual tour can be used for internal and external purposes. Since they each have to go on the website for their own goals to consult the virtual tour, the bounce rate is reduced. Consequently, ViewWorks is rewarded by search engines and will rank higher.
  3. Available 24/7: unlike ViewWorks’ opening hours, the virtual tour is available 24/7 on any device. Consequently, a B2B customer can show the assortment to their B2C customer in an interactive way and thus inspire them.
  4. Increase sales: because the 3-DEE virtual tour is available 24/7, online visibility increases, and customers can be inspired, the chance of sales increases. In addition, the customers can have a look around beforehand, so they are effectively interested when they physically visit the showroom.
  5. Lower the threshold to contact them: A contact form was added to the 3-DEE virtual tour to lower the threshold to contact them. In this way, the customer and prospect do not have to search but can contact them immediately.
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