VDA Vastgoed – Apartment

VDA Vastgoed apartment

VDA Vastgoed is a real estate agency active in the region of Berchem, Mortsel, Edegem and Kontich in Belgium.


What was their challenge?

Since the Corona measures remain uncertain, VDA Vastgoed was looking for a solution to show properties regardless of the government measures. They also wanted to generate more qualified leads and thus lose less time showing properties to uninterested customers.


Due to the high competition in the real estate market, VDA Vastgoed was also looking to distinguish itself from its competitors.



Why did this VDA Vastgoed choose 3DEE?

  1. Increase market share: as a real estate agent, it is essential to sell/rent quickly and have sufficient properties in their Therefore, it is necessary always to remain top of mind and increase online visibility to become better known. The 3DEE virtual tours ensured that VDA Vastgoed ranks higher on Google since it takes quite some time to view the different virtual tours on their website. In addition, they received additional positive reviews because they helped their customers faster, which also had a positive influence on their ranking on Google. Additionally, they had more requests to sell properties and had more frequent contact with buyers to help them make the right purchase.
  2. Sell faster: the virtual tour can be easily shared, so not every decision-maker needs to visit the property physically. In addition, the Immoweb advertisement is seen by more people because it has a higher ranking allowing properties to be sold quicker.
  3. One-stop-shop: photos are essential when placing an ad. Thanks to 3DEE and the 3DEE virtual tour, VDA Vastgoed also received photos that they added to Immoweb and their website.
  4. Save time: because the 3DEE virtual tour is detailed and available 24/7, potential buyers can already view properties online. Consequently, they will only make an appointment to physically visit a property if they are interested.
  5. Higher rankings on Immoweb: the more complete the ad on Immoweb, the higher the ad will be ranked. In addition to quality photos (which 3DEE also provides), a virtual tour is an absolute must for completing the
  6. Stand out from the competition: competition in the real estate market is high, so it is vital to stand out. 3DEE virtual tours are useful for several people, making them an absolute added value. Additionally, the numerous benefits for both the buyer and the seller also ensure that you become top of mind as a real estate agent, thanks to the excellent experience you provide.
  7. Sneak peek & reminder: the 3DEE virtual tour can serve both as a sneak peek and as a reminder of what was seen during the physical visit of a property. The 3DEE virtual tour will allow a prospective buyer to visit the property virtually again to remind them what it looked like.
  8. Request quotations & plan the move: once the sellers have accepted the offer, the buyers can easily plan their move thanks to the measuring function. That way, they can see if their current furniture would fit in the interior, but they can also ask for different renovation price offers because they can measure everything easily.
  9. Floor plans: to make the sale as complete as possible, floor plans with measurements are also included with the 3DEE virtual tour.
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