The Little Gym Waterloo

The Little Gym Europe consists of more than 32 franchises across Europe. They offer structured classes and a positive learning environment that gives children from 3 months to 12 years the opportunity to build their confidence through gymnastics.


What were their challenges?

Since competition is high in the sports and activities market for children, a first challenge was to stand out from their competitors. In addition, they were frequently asked by parents where they could find the class schedule, their other activities, and where they were located. So, they were also keen to address this by finding an innovative solution for it.


Everyone is responsible for everything as a small team, and social media is sometimes neglected. Because of this, they were looking for original social media content that they could publish without spending days producing content.


The Little Gym Waterloo gym is located in a shopping center complex, making it not always easy to find. Because of this, it is essential to make the way to the gym easier as well.


Why did The Little Gym Waterloo choose 3-DEE?

  1. Optimize customer experience: in the virtual tour of The Little Gym Waterloo, pop-ups were added with information about the camps, classes, and birthday parties. Videos were also integrated into the 3-DEE virtual tour to show prospects what a class, camp, and birthday party looks like at The Little Gym. This provided an interactive way for prospects to discover the different activities. In addition, it also sets the expectations right, so parents know what they can expect when signing up their child for The Little Gym activities.
  2. Google maps integration: because the gym is in a shopping center and not always clearly marked, a Google Maps integration was added. This allows parents to see how to get there immediately and what the building and entrance look like.
  3. Stand out from the competition: the interactive 3-DEE virtual tours ensures that prospects get a clear picture of The Little Gym Waterloo. Unlike their competitors, it puts them in the spotlight in an original way.
  4. Lower the threshold to contact: a lead form was added so that parents could ask their questions immediately and in an accessible way.
  5. Put classes, camps, and birthday parties in the spotlight: thanks to pop-ups, the classes, camps, and birthday parties are put in the spotlight. In addition, a direct link was added to the menu to read more information about the activities.
  6. Available 24/7: unlike the opening hours of The Little Gym Waterloo, the 3-DEE virtual tour is available 24/7. This ensures that prospects can explore the entire gym from any location and when it’s convenient for them without having to puzzle through their schedules.
  7. Increase online visibility: because the 3-DEE virtual tour is implemented on The Little Gym Waterloo website and virtual tour visitors have to go on the website to view the virtual tour, online visibility is increased. As a result, they rank higher in search engines like Google and also have to spend less on their marketing budget to increase their visibility.
  8. Social media content: The Little Gym Waterloo consists of a small team that has to do everything themselves. Since it takes quite some time and creativity to maintain the social media page, photos, videos and panoramas are delivered in addition to the 3-DEE virtual tour. These social media posts can be posted with ready-to-use content to communicate the existence of the virtual tour.
  9. Facility: when renovations need to be done or new POS must be ordered, The Little Gym Waterloo can easily measure walls, floors, or objects. In this way, they can also get different price quotes without physically visiting all the possible suppliers.
  10. Multiple languages: The Little Gym community is multilingual. Since they have a French and an English website, the virtual tour was also made in these two languages to put the correct virtual tour on the corresponding website.



– Pop-up ads

– Tags with videos

– Tags with Iframes

– Company logo

– Site menu

– Dollhouse

– Floor plan with names

– Contact form

– Clickable objects

– Statistics


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