BMW Meerschman Showroom

BMW Meerschman 3-DEEvirtual tour

BMW Meerschman is a well-known car dealer in Aalst that sells MINI and BMW cars.


What was their challenge?

BMW Meerschman had just opened their new showroom in Aalst. Since they couldn’t organize an event for all their existing and prospective customers and people were afraid to visit the showroom physically because of Corona, they were looking for a creative way to give their customers a premium customer experience that they were used to when they physically visited their showroom. They also wanted to reassure their customers that the showroom was a Coronaproof environment and, therefore, safe to visit.


BMW Meerschman also wanted to maintain personal communication with their customers by ensuring they could easily contact them in a user-friendly way and find information about their cars without clicking too many buttons. Finally, they also wanted to keep up with the digital trends in their marketing strategy and improve their visual merchandising.


Why did BMW Meerschman choose 3-DEE?

  1. Increase market share: 3-DEE virtual showrooms are available 24/7 and can be viewed on any device, allowing them to reach more prospective customers than just those who physically visit their showroom. In addition, they could easily share the virtual showroom by using car stickers so that their showroom was present everywhere.
  2. Time & cost savings: the chat function ensured that the salesperson who had to answer the question could do so when they had time, without interrupting their work to answer the question over the phone, enabling them to work more efficiently. In addition, many things are automated because (prospective) customers themselves can easily request a quotation, test drive, or appointment with a salesperson in the 3-DEE virtual tour.
  3. Increasing online visibility: the 3-DEE virtual tour is implemented on the website, reducing the bounce rate and optimizing the SEO. It takes quite some time to view the entire showroom virtually. In addition, it was decided to integrate the showroom on Google Maps, which also generated extra online visibility.
  4. Optimize customer experience: the customer experience has always been important to BMW Meerschman. To optimize this, a menu was created on the virtual tour to view all the different car models in the showroom and easily navigate from one model to another. Customers can also search for their favorite models in the search function. In addition, a chat function was implemented so that the virtual tour visitors could easily ask questions without waiting on the phone to be connected to the right person.
  5. Faster decision-making: 3-DEE virtual tours are detailed and user-friendly and can easily be shared, so that not every decision-maker needs to be physically present in the showroom. This sped up the purchase decision and allowed Corona restrictions to be followed.
  6. Statistics: in addition to the measuring function, statistics show results such as the number of visitors and the time spent by visitors. Additionally, BMW Meerschman analyzed from which channels their 3-DEE virtual tour visitors came through, allowing them to either stop or boost their social media campaign in time. In addition, the heat map also helped them optimize their visual merchandising because they could see at which locations customers stayed the longest in the showroom. In this way, they strategically placed their cars in their showroom and had the virtual tour start in a different place, thus allowing the less popular models to also be in the spotlight.
  7. Open 24/7: in contrast to their usual opening hours, the showroom of BMW Meerschman is open 24/7, thanks to the 3-DEE virtual tour. This allows (prospective) customers to discover all models when it works for them.
  8. Promotions & actions: thanks to the pop-up function, BMW Meerschman communicated their promotions, new opening hours, or other communications interactively. It is also ideal for a future contest.
  9. Ordering POS & decoration material internally: the ruler in the 3-DEE virtual tour helped BMW Meerschman to order their POS material and other decorations for their showroom. This allowed them to see if a particular piece of furniture fit in their showroom or not before ordering it while home working
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