B&B L’atelier

B&B L’Atelier

After a year and a half of renovations, Mathias Vergels and Lynn Van Den Broecke successfully renovated the Vergels’ family bakery into a beautiful bed & breakfast. Although it is no longer a bakery, Lynn & Mathias pamper their guests with a delicious arrangement upon arrival. Additionally, guests can enjoy a fresh breakfast.


What were their challenges?

Although Lynn & Mathias are no strangers to the general public, it was essential to boost and maintain theironline visibility. Since the bakery has been completely renovated, they also wanted to have new photos taken that they could use on their website and their social media channels. In addition, it was also vital for them to meet their guests’. Therefore, they wanted to invite their guest to visually see their bed & breakfast beforehand to make sure they knew what to expect. Finally, they also wanted to highlight their partners in their virtual tour.


Why did B&B L’Atelier choose 3DEE?

  1. Partners in the spotlight: to entirely decorate their Bed &Breakfast, B&B L’Atelier worked together with several partners. To thank these partners and to put them in the spotlight, Mathias & Lynn included their partners’ websites in the virtual tour.
  2. Higher online visibility: online visibility is very important, especially in a competitive market. Although B&B L’Atelier put their partners in the spotlight, they ensured that the virtual tour visitors stayed on their website. They did this by choosing to label the site in an Iframe, which opened a kind of website within the virtual tour.
  3. Meeting guests’ expectations: photos already give an idea of what the space looks like, but additionalimages can be pulled from certain angles. Videos, on the other hand, can show only the nice spaces in the bed & breakfast. In addition, the viewer must also wait in the video to see what they are looking for. Through a virtual tour, visitors can choose what they want to see. What you see is what you get. Consequently, guests know what to expect.
  4. Personal approach: A personal approach is vital in a bed & breakfast. Mathias & Lynn wanted to share their story, so they used personalized labels to tell how they transformed the B&B. They also wanted to make it easy for their prospects to contact them, so they decided to add a contact form.
  5. Multiple languages: Since Sint-Genius-Rhode is French and Dutch speaking, making the virtual tour in multiple languages was essential. To attract international prospects, the tour was therefore also translated into English.
  6. Activities in the neighborhood: via a label that opens in another tab, B&B L’Atelier also added activities in the community. This way made it easier for guests to plan their stay.
  7. Content for social media & website: when the renovations were finalized, it was time to add new photos to their website and social media pages. Thanks to 3DEE, in addition to the virtual tour, they also got pictures, videos, and panoramas to share on their social media.
  8. More qualified leads: as a well-known duo, many people want to stay at B&B L’Atelier, but also many questions are asked that can be answered thanks to the virtual tour. Consequently, Lynn & Mathias can now spend less time answering those questions and focus more on their bed & breakfast and pampering their guests.
  9. Stand out from the competition: It is always important to stand out from the competition in a competitive industry. The virtual tour provides a better customer experience, online visibility, and better word of mouth. In addition, they can also easily share nearby activities with their customers. This ensures that their guests receive additional service in that area as well.
  10. Statistics: when B&B L’Atelier places a (social) media campaign, they can check its success thanks to the statistics. In addition, it also helps to put specific arrangements in the spotlight.
  11. Insurance: after all the hard work, B&B L’Atelier wanted to keep their bed & breakfast in great shape. To prevent them from showing the state before any damagemay occur, the virtual tour allows you to see in which state it was before the damage.
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