6 ways to get more visitors on your virtual tour!

A virtual tour is like a website. If nobody knows it exists, nobody will visit it. Since a lot of time goes into creating an excellent virtual tour, it’s a waste of time and energy you put into it without results. Therefore it is essential to communicate the existence of your virtual tour on as many channels as possible. But how do you do that exactly?

1. Your website

Your website is one of the first places your prospects will look for you. At the same time, it is also a way to distinguish yourself from your competitors. And it’s also the channel where you have to invest a lot of time and energy. Why? Because search engines like Google will reward you when ranking search results. More specifically, Google ranks websites with a clear and user-friendly website that ranks higher. But especially websites where website visitors stay for a long time. According to search engines, the longer visitors stay on your website, the more interesting and valuable the information you provide.

A 3-DEE virtual tour is viewed for 5-6 minutes. So place the 3-DEE virtual tour on a website page that is important and needs extra visibility. For example, this could be the page with the different bedrooms for a hotel. Do you have a showroom? Then you can place this, for instance, on the main page and contact page.

Some tips:

– Don’t put the virtual tour at the bottom of the page. There is little chance that website visitors will scroll all the way down.

– Rather, place the virtual tour at the top of the website page. Also, be sure to add a title such as “discover ourvirtual tour .”This way, you make it clear that they can view the virtual tour.

– Do you choose not to implement the virtual tour on the website but to link it with a call-to-action? Then the call-to-action must stand out. Put it in a particular color and make sure it is in a clear place.


2. E-mail signature

Your customers, prospects, and suppliers still communicate regularly by e-mail. Use this channel to put your virtual tour in the spotlight. Include in your e-mail signature a call-to-action such as: “Check out our showroom virtually now” or “Have you discovered our co-working virtually?” And attract new visitors this way.


3. Window and car stickers

Unlike your business, a virtual tour is available 24/7. To keep your business open anywhere and anytime, window and car stickers are recommended. Link the URL of the virtual tour to a QR code and place it on the window of your business or car.

If your business is not open, your prospects or customers can still discover it virtually. The car stickers even allow you to be available outside your physical location. In this way, you can quickly expand your sales zone.


4. Social media

Are you active on social media? Then it is essential that you also communicate your virtual tour on your social media platforms. Facebook even allows you to post a panorama of the virtual tour! More specifically, your followers can view the virtual tour at 360° from a single point of view—ideal for interactively communicating your virtual tour.

On Instagram and other social media channels, you can also post the ready-made social media post you get together with the virtual tour. Perfect for when you lack inspiration but still want to keep communicating with your prospects and customers. In addition, you can also explain to your followers via a post, story, or reel what all they can see, thanks to the virtual tour!

Do you work with influencers? Then the virtual tour can also be implemented on their blog or website. Besides that, they can also create nice stories and posts about the virtual tour, so even more people can get to know your company.


5. Newsletter

Companies often forget to write newsletters or mainly use them to communicate commercial messages. But you can also share your virtual tour through your newsletter. The 3-DEE virtual tour enables your prospects to discover your company wholly and interactively. Thanks to the many features, you increase the chance of a conversion. You can even boost your sales by cross-selling.


6. Organize contests

Companies regularly organize contests. The traditional “like and comment on this post and share it in your story” method is regularly used. But did you know that you can also implement a contest in the 3-DEE virtual tour? Thanks to labels and clickable objects, you can hide a link to a contest in your virtual tour. This way, your prospects, and customers have to virtually walk through your entire company to find the link to enter the contest. Ideal for increasing your online visibility, attracting more visitors to your website, and organizing a contest in an original way!

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