3 Marketing trends every marketeer should implement!

1.Video marketing

Video platforms were initially started for teens and young adults. Yet, TikTok has become a phenomenon that’s indispensable in the lives of early twenties. Why? Because their videos capture viewers’ attention in a short amount of time and create stronger engagements. Instagram saw this success and created their version of it, Reels. Did you know that Instagram rewards you when you share Reels as a business? For example, it has been found that Instagram has a strong preference for pages that feature their Reels. Because of this, they will show it to multiple followers, which will automatically increase your online visibility.

2.Experiential e-commerce

A company that only thinks about profits and does not care about its customers will have a challenging year. 96% of dissatisfied customers do not complain to the company about a bad experience, but they share their bad experience with 9-15 others. Therefore, your business revolves around your customer and theircustomer’s experience. Implementing interactive, experiential, and highly personalized experiences is an absolute must if you want to meet your users’ expectations.

In addition, it is also important that your company is visible online. Nobody will buy your product or service if no one knows that your company exists. SEO optimization is an absolute must. And you can do this by ensuring that you regularly update your content on your website through blogs, for example. But also by ensuring that your website visitors stay longer on your website. Because the longer they stay on your website, the lower your bounce rate and the higher your ranking is on search engines!

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3. Influencer marketing

Like marketing, influencers in themselves are not new. But what is new is that influencers will no longer be rewarded solely on YouTube from now on. Until the summer of 2021, YouTube was the only platform that allowed content creators to share advertising revenue. But as of now, Facebook has also taken a cue from this.

Instead of showing your content to fewer people if you do not boost them through ads, the company will now reward influencers. For example, the company will share ad revenue with the content creator. In addition, they will also provide bonuses for the time their followers spend on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook also provides money to some influencers who want to establish their presence on these platforms.

The increase in influencer marketing is due, on the one hand, to the significant change just mentioned. But also because influencers are more authentic. Nowadays, people are suspicious about the information they receive and the advertisements they see. Therefore, they look for confirmation before proceeding to purchase. They look for reviews on search engines and review websites such as Trip Advisor and Trustpilot.

In addition to online reviews, people also check with their close circle. But consumers are also susceptible to perceptions and experiences shared with each other. Since they are taken into the influencer’s life as followers, they feel that they know this person. They trust this person and their opinions. And it is precisely this trust that makes people trust the brand and proceed to purchase.

One solution for the three marketing trends

The three trends above can be combined by implementing one simple marketing tool. What? Yes, it can be that easy. The 3DEE virtual tour allows visitors to discover the entire company interactively. In addition, the influencer can use our ready-made social media posts and post them onto their social media platforms. But they can also use them as inspiration or virtually guide their followers through the company behind the scenes. This way, they can explain to their followers how they can view the virtual tour and what they can do.

For example, when the influencer organizes a giveaway, it can also be organized more interactively thanks to the I-frame label. This ensures that you have a website within a website. And you know how it goes because the longer people stay on your website, the better your online visibility!

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