Why 3DEE virtual tours are more beneficial than videos!

verschil virtuele tours en video's

Old fashioned marketing tools are often chosen when business leaders or marketing managers want to highlight their physical space or a new product. Traditionally, photos, videos, social media posts, press releases, etc., are created. These investments tend to be seen by a consumer and then forgotten. It is essential to put and keep your service or product in the spotlight in the long term. 3DEE virtual tours can help with this, and here’s how!

1. Discovery of your service or product in an interactive way

The main difference between a video and a 3DEE virtual tour is the interaction. A video of more than 1 minute will not be watched attentively, while people will spend 5 minutes or more to discover an interactive virtual tour. Why? You can compare it to a monologue. When someone talks to you for an hour, but you can’t say or do anything yourself, your attention will fade faster. But when you play an active role in the conversation, time goes by in no time. With 3DEE virtual tours, it’s the same thing.

A 3DEE virtual tour is an experience in itself. As a video maker, you control what you show and what you don’t, whereas, with a 3DEE virtual tour, the roles are reversed. The virtual tour visitor can decide what they want to see and how much time they want to spend on it. Do they want to look at that one room in detail or revisit it? Itis possible to easily navigate from one room to another and use the menu. Do they want to speak with a salesperson? Check! For this, too, they no longer have to navigate the website or look up contact information. The chat feature and contact form allow them to ask their question in the blink of an eye.

2. Increase online visibility

A video provides a short pleasure. According to Hubspot, your video should be no longer than 30 seconds on Instagram, 45 seconds maximum on Twitter, 1 minute on Facebook, and 2 minutes maximum on YouTube. So when you implement your YouTube video on your website, you have at best been able to keep your visitor on your website for 2 minutes. Unless you post videos and novelties on your website more often, the website visitor will not visit again, which means they will remain a unique website visitor.

The 3DEE virtual tours are viewed for longer than 2 minutes, as it takes quite some time to view the entire tour. In addition, thanks to the labels in the form of an I-frame, text, video, photos, etc., it can be created to beinteractive. But also, the pop-ups can help to announce promotions or communicate specific information. Finally, the 3DEE virtual tours allow you to see everything in detail as if you were physically present in your space so that multiple people can use it. For example, everyone in the virtual tour can measure, thanks to the measurement function. In addition, it can also be used in onboardings, training, or informing the customers of what they can expect. This ensures that people come back to your website regularly and do not remain unique visitor and increase your chance of converting them into a loyal customer.

The more often a person revisits your website, and the longer they stay on your website, the better your brandwill perform on Google and other search engines. According to Google, the longer someone stays on your website, the more relevant the information is, and therefore more people can find the content they are searching for.

3. Statistics with the virtual tours

The better you know your customer, the better you can target your marketing initiatives and the more you will sell. This is why 3DEE virtual tours are linked to statistics. These allow you to see through which channels the virtual tour users came. In addition, you can also see how long they have stayed on the 3DEE virtual tours. This also ensures that you can stop a social media / SEA campaign in time if they do not stay long enough on the website or do not take the desired actions. You can see the latter by analyzing, for example, how many clicks you had on a specific call-to-action or label. Finally, a heatmap is also provided. The heatmap allows you to analyze which spots in your business were viewed the most and least often. It will enable you to optimize your visual merchandising and start the virtual tour in a different place so that your virtual tour visitors have viewed everything.

Discover how a 3DEE virtual tour can impact your business.

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