What you’re probably not doing yet that is killing your business!

Not having to physically move around for everything anymore, having extra time, being able to analyze your marketing campaigns, increasing your market share – it’s all music to your ears, but did you know that you can make all of this happen by implementing one simple marketing initiative into your business? Look no further because the answer is: 3DEE virtual tours! And this is how they can help your business!


1.      Increase your market share

Customers today have multiple options to choose from. This makes it essential for companies to stand out from their competitors. Your product or service is, of course, important. Still, your customer experience can significantly influence your customers’ buying decisions. Did you know that 73% of companies with a great customer experience perform better financially than their competitors?


Optimizing your customer experience starts at the beginning of the buying process. According to Oberlo, 63% of all purchases begin online, making it essential that you are visible online. You can opt for SEA (Search Engine Advertising), but you can also optimize your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The 3DEE virtual tour, for example, ensures that your bounce rate goes down because the virtual tour is implemented on your website and takes quite some time to view fully. In addition, it can be used by different people, so they will return to your website regularly and thus contain relevant info, according to Google.


In addition to SEO optimization, 3DEE virtual tours ensure that customer expectations are met. A dissatisfied customer will share their experience with 9 to 15 people, which can result in you losing up to 15 potential customers because of one dissatisfied customer. Unlike an unsatisfied customer, satisfied customers are 5x more likely to consume again and 4x more likely to recommend the company to someone else.


SEO optimization, positive reviews on websites, Google My Business, and social media platforms increase your ranking on search engines like Google, giving you higher online visibility. This exposes your product or service to more people, increasing the chances of conversion and thus increasing your market share.


2.      Measure, analyze, evaluate, act

To generate better and more sales, getting to know your customer is important because the better you understand their needs, the better you will respond. Therefore, it is essential to collect, analyze, evaluate and draw conclusions from as much data as possible. With the virtual tours of 3DEE, statistics reports are also provided.


Besides the number of visitors and users and the average visiting time, there is also a heatmap. This shows the places in the virtual tours where most visitors have been. In this way, you can optimize your visual merchandising and change your virtual tour. How? Well, by starting the virtual tours in a different (less popular) place, but also by changing the order of the menu and thus ensuring that the less popular/known products, rooms, spaces, models, etc., are also viewed. You can also change your physical space to optimize hot and cold areas. But wait, there is more!


In addition, you can also see through which sources people came to your virtual tour. For example, if you have a social media campaign running, you can see if it’s a good investment or if it would be best to stop, modify and relaunch your campaign. 


3.      Optimize time & speed up the decision-making process

We all have only 24 hours in a day, so it is best to work (more) efficiently. The Corona pandemic in 2020 has already ensured that we no longer need to travel for every meeting physically, but 3DEE virtual tours help you spend even less time in traffic jams and organize your agenda more efficiently. How? Well, virtual tours allow you to fully view any physical space whenever you want and on any mobile device, eliminating the need for every decision-maker to be physically present. So a double booking or having to reschedule an appointment for a (prospective) client will be much less frequent. In addition, you will also generate more qualified leads, which means that you will be left mainly with interested leads.


In addition, the measurement function ensures that you can measure everything so that you, as an event planner, no longer have to visit the venue to measure the location physically. But also that as a buyer/tenant of a property, you can prepare your move, request quotations for renovations or order furniture.



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