8 ways to boost your company’s online visibility – part 1: website

Although several elements influence your online visibility, one of the most important things is your website because it is your business card and probably the first place where your (potential) customers will look for you. That is why it is important to take a critical look at your website and examine it in detail.

You have just landed on your website. Look at how long it took for your website to load. The first 5 seconds have the most significant impact on the conversion rate. In addition, the speed of your website also affects your SEO, so be sure to check this out!

Welcome page
Start at the beginning and look at the welcome page. It is especially important to check whether your welcome page is visually and textually attractive to read on. If it isn’t, your website visitors will leave, and the rest of your website will be lost too.

Take a good look at the design of your website. Does your brand look & feel stand out here, and is the font readable? Besides the welcome page, it is also important that the rest of the website remains attractive and encourages your website visitors to continue reading.

Did you know that, according to Statista, more than 55% of people surf on a mobile device? Therefore, your website must work well on a desktop and all mobile devices.

Your website is informative on the one hand, but it might also be intended for conversion. Therefore, analyse whether you have placed enough call-to-actions with different messages and whether the links work. Also, check if you have not put too many call-to-actions and if they are still eye-catching so that nobody can overlook them.

Up-to-date information
There is nothing more annoying than information that is not up to date or opening hours that are no longer correct. Make sure you check whether the same people are still working in the team section, whether your opening hours are still accurate and whether the information on your website is still up to date.

Virtual tour
Having a physical space without digital visibility is no longer a luxury. Virtual tours are user-friendly, available 24/7 on any device, and so detailed that your customers’ expectations can only be realistic. Because it takes quite some time to view your entire hotel, showroom, gallery, co-working space, etc., your website visitors will stay longer on your website, and you will rank higher on Google. In addition, they are so interactive, original, and detailed that your customers can view your space without having to contact you by phone or e-mail for simple questions.  Afraid of losing potential leads? There is no need to because both the chat function and the lead form allow everyone to leave their contact details, and you will not lose a single lead! With the chat function, you can even retarget people with your social media campaign! Virtual tours are a top trend as a marketing tool.

Make sure that the photos on your website attract your visitors and do not lure them away. More specifically, ensure you have high-quality images and show the right image. For example, there is nothing more deceptive than a bathroom picture showing the shower but not the rest of the bathroom. An important tip for hotels: make sure that you also show photos of different bedrooms. Often the pictures of the best room are used, which means that your guests end up disappointed. You want to avoid this at all costs because unhappy guests do not make for good (word-of-mouth) advertising or testimonials.

Is your website not yet responsive, user-friendly and not yet fast enough? In that case, it is best to use 3DEE virtual tours as your website for the time being. These are interactive, original, user-friendly, and responsive, which can only benefit your business. Additionally, they can be used on their own thanks to a shared URL and added on your website later!

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